Sunday, January 16, 2011


I love these images from House Beautiful, July 2007. In looking for inspiration for the eventual update of our place at the coast, this decor truly does inspire...

Really like the blue tile (although I think I would go a shade or two lighter) and its contrast with the neutral palette everywhere else. This kitchen has a slight retro feel to me (almost a late 70s mod). The open shelving is definitely a look I'm considering.

Although I love the white wood floors here, I would not go this route - now, I like to clean, but not enough to brave white wood floors.... or the all white stairs below... But they are stunning.

Gorgeous pool and outdoor area. Not gonna happen at chez Mason-Snyder, but wow, what a dream.

Time flies....

OK, time flies and I've not done a post in two weeks despite my intent to start again. Between work, yoga and general chore stuff (and sleeping), it's hard! However, I did completely change to look of my blog to a palette that is 'more me' I think. It's clean, neutral and should provide a pleasant backdrop for just about any photo. So it's a start (again).