Saturday, January 19, 2013

It's Not a Dining Room...

This past week has been very busy and VERY messy - prepping, sanding, painting, trim work and more molding installation.  I'm so glad we are into the homestretch and able to see everything coming together.  

One of the changes we made was in the Dining/Living Room, a fairly large space previously separated by two pony walls and a header (with columns).  The design was OK but, given how we really wanted to use the space, it was very restricting in furniture arrangement options.  Plus, last summer we packed up the dining room furniture and brought in other pieces to make the space a seating area.  We sat in that space more in one month than we did in the previous nine years it was 'staged' as a dining room.  I am not a fan of a separate dining room in my own home because we love to use our whole house, and, for us, it's just wasted space. We are fortunate enough that the 'eat-in' space of our kitchen can support a table for eight, and that's where we entertain when having friends for dinner.  It's just so much more relaxed and convenient.

So, back to the painting.  The majority of the spaces throughout the house are a shade of white (or have 'white' in the name - more on one of those in another post and my panic that the guest bath's color was reading pink!)  The photos below are of the revised living space that combines the Dining and Living Rooms.

 This photo looks into the Living Room from the Dining Room.  Color in this space, as well as all 'public' spaces, is Benjamin Moore's Atrium White. I thought for a long time about the right white and I'm very happy with this one.  The wainscoting is new to this space also, but it carries through from the foyer and then around into the dining room.

This photo looks into the Dining Room from the Living Room.  Buh-bye, Dining Room.  Traditionalist's don't read this next part...  there will be a sofa and flat screen in here as we have not had a television anywhere downstairs for nine years.  

 A large expanse of wall now that the pony walls have been removed.  But, it will be broken up by furniture, and we are currently searching for a wow piece of art (we have something in mind, and Paul is on the hunt to find it).

 The tv wall (previously the space for a dining room buffet or something similar).

Looking from the Dining Room and through to the kitchen.

The ceiling of the entire space.  We are also on the hunt for the right lighting...  we need two of the same light fixtures so it helps to tie the whole space together, but I want these to be unique and fairly casual.   We do have something VERY unusual in mind that we both love (something Paul found on a San Francisco trip), but have not decided yet if we will make the plunge or keep looking.

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