Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Guest Baths get an update, too...

Once we started selecting the tile and fixtures for the Master Bath we quickly decided that the remodeling efforts needed to spill into the other bathrooms as well, because we knew that, in the long run, we would regret not re-doing them, too.

I wanted each bathroom to have it's own personality, so we tried to keep them different from one another while still keeping continuity throughout the whole house aesthetic.

First, a little peek at the upstairs guest bath:

We chose a travertine for the floor.  There was just something about this particular one that we loved, especially the rectangular shape - almost like planks.  The character of this bath is certainly all about the flooring.

The new walk in shower used to be a tub.  There is now more shower space and it will really open up the entire bathroom.  We carried the travertine over the shower curb and selected a basket weave pattern for the shower floor.  The walls are white ceramic subway tile.

A niche for toiletries. The accent tile is the same as the shower floor with the addition of a pencil molding above and below the accent.

And, the downstairs guest bath...  This one actually serves as both a full bath and guest "powder room", so is the one seen by everyone who visits; plus, it's off of the foyer:

Like the Master Bath, we selected marble tile for the floor.  This bathroom is one of the first things you pass as you enter the house, so we needed something with a bit of a wow factor but without going too trendy or over-the-top.

The shower/tub surround and three of the walls are covered in elongated white ceramic subway tile.  This is where the vanity will be placed... we have a rockin' vanity in store for this spot and I can't wait to see it installed.  

Testing paint colors.  Definitely the one on the left (Benjamin Moore's Graystone)

The shower/tub surround.  I had to have this greek key accent - I actually selected it before I even knew where we might actually use it, and it worked wonderfully in this bathroom.

I'm a little obsessed with the niches for toiletries. Here it is just installed into the wall.

...and being tiled.  Almost there.....

and the finished product.

So the hardest, messiest, and most time consuming work in all of the bathrooms is complete.  YAY!!!  

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  1. Love, love, love that Greek key accent tile! You guys have such great taste!