Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Stairs Get a Makeover

Things are really progressing on the house and it's the stair's turn this week. Originally, we were going to simply strip and stain the exposed wood and replace the runner's on both staircases; however, we've decided to not do runners in exchange for fully exposed and finished wood treads.  My first choice was to do exposed wood (no runners), but I was concerned about safety - will they be slippery? But, I've gotten over the safety concerns and we both agree that bare stairs will better compliment the overall design we are going for.

The back staircase:
This is the secondary staircase accessed through the Family Room.  

Looking down the secondary staircase after the original stain on the exposed parts has been stripped. 

Following a thorough sanding, now freshly covered with the ebony stain we selected for the floors.  You can see our original floor color to the right; the floors are scheduled to be sanded and re-stained in a couple of weeks.

The front staircase:
The original plan was to put in new wood flooring only on the two landings you see here (and the two landings at the bottom of the secondary staircase), and then have runners on the rest of the stairs.  But once we saw the wood installed on the landings, we decided we would be much happier with the end result by refinishing the stairs and leaving them bare from any carpeting.

The view looking down the front staircase.  A very big change from the original color of wood floors which you can see a small strip of in this photo.

Another view looking down.

The view looking up the front staircase after the treads have been stained.  I love the ebony stain, white trim, and white walls together.  

We had only seen a small sample of the ebony stain on our floors, so the stairs now give us a good indication of how all the wood flooring will look.  

In addition, we are changing from white wooden balusters to iron ones which are being installed next week.  I selected a very simple baluster, something similar to this:

I was determined to have iron hand railings, too, but my eyes bugged out at the cost of adding this to what was already a splurge on iron balusters.  Doing everything iron was going to be my way of getting a little dose of a California/Spanish style into the house.


  1. I LOVE the ebony color! I also love wooden stairs. I can't wait to see more!

    Are you guys able to live in your house while going through all of this demo/reconstruction??

  2. Thank you! No, we had to move out the first weekend in October. I am sooooo tired of being out of our house. But I go back and forth multiple times a day to check things as we are just around the corner (very fortunate!). Hopefully we're on schedule to be completed in about 4 weeks. Yay!!!