Thursday, January 03, 2013

Time for a remodel

So, during the last weekend of September we fell prey to one angry pipe that fed our hot water heater, which was placed... where else... but the attic.  One, big UGH!!!

After channeling through two floors via walls, ceilings, venting, and any household orifice that was available to it, the water was abruptly stopped when our petsitter was able to turn off the main water supply.  Yes, we were away for the weekend and the water likely ran for around 12 hours.

To cut a long story short, we spent over a week with a recovery/demo team and their friends: 28 (or so) industrial fans, 3 majorly industrial dehumidifiers, and a couple of very painfully loud (we're talking small jet engine) things we called the floor suckers which were set on our wood floors to draw out moisture.  Trixie, our 'sensitive' cat, usually gets scolded if she has an accident outside the litter box; but, when we woke one morning to a pile of poo sitting right on top of on one of those floor suckers she got extra breakfast that morning ;)

Once the kitchen was taken apart we then had 2 days to find a temporary place to live.

Pictures are stories unto themselves, so here a few of the worst areas following the demo work...

Dining Room/Living Room - that pile used to be our wood floors

Dining Room/Living Room cleaned of debris (phew) - oh, and notice the pony walls between the two rooms are gone, too.

The Kitchen has been cleared out - but I'm getting a gas cooktop installed (yay!)

Master bedroom

Master bath

Master bath

We're now three months into this and things are coming along....

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