Monday, February 11, 2013

The floors have been stained!

The ebony stain and two coats of poly are on the floors, and I absolutely love the finish.  I had to take photos quickly because once the second coat of poly was dried, the floors were covered to ensure they were protected for the remaining work through the house.  Which, by the way, has whittled down to just kitchen backsplash install, touch up painting, master bath medicine cabinets, guest bedroom carpeting, shoe molding, and duct cleaning.  After all this, the final coat of poly will go down.  Also, the new cabinetry surround for the wine refrigerator is due early Feb along with, hopefully, the replacement plantation shutters.

 I'm guessing these floors will show EVERYTHING, so I've been researching vacuums.  I suspect I better get used to vacuuming several times a week.  

 (On the railings, the 'feet' of the balusters are just pushed up to allow for staining.)  

So with stained floors, this means no more dust being created in my house.  Maybe just a few spots of touch up sanding on the drywall, but I can manage those.

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  1. The floors are beautiful! And you could just do like I do...ignore any and all dirt and dust! :)