Monday, February 04, 2013

Two weeks later...

It's been a busy two weeks, and we are in the homestretch... hopefully only about 3 weeks of work left.

So what's been going on
  • Redoing some of the treads on the stairs
  • The new stair railings and balusters have been going up
  • More painting
  • Sinks/vanities installed in the bathrooms
  • Plumbing and bathroom fixtures installed (most of them), and toilets (one did not fit so there was a mad scramble to find a new one of the needed size)
  • New granite kitchen countertops installed
  • Gas line run for new gas cooktop and cooktop installed (love!)
  • Glass shower enclosures were scheduled today but are now happening tomorrow I think
  • Lots of electrical work (new fixtures installed, new outlets, some re-wiring, etc.)
  • Removing backsplash to make way for a new one (an unexpected, last minute change due to the new granite fit being totally different from our last granite!), so another mad scramble to select a new backsplash tile and get it ordered
  • Some additional tile work in the bathrooms
  • Ordered replacement and new plantation shutters

And things left to do are
  • Waiting on kitchen cabinetry for the wine refrigerator surround
  • Sand and stain all wood flooring throughout the house
  • Shower enclosures for all three bathrooms
  • Medicine cabinet installation in master bath
  • New carpeting for master closet and two guest bedrooms 
  • Planation shutter installation for guest room, master bath and a replacement for master bedroom
  • Reinstall kitchen appliances
  • Final paint touchup at the end
  • And about 100 hours of me cleaning the house MY WAY

Here are a few photos of the work that's been done the past couple of weeks:

A peek at the master bath shower during installation of the fixtures

The master bath pedestals

The upstairs guest bath gets a chrome vanity

The downstairs bath/powder room shower fixtures

 Front staircase railings going in

 Granite for kitchen countertops - we selected the whitest granite we could find

Sample board of the new marble backsplash

Granite installed!

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  1. As usual, I love everything. And the master bath is HUGE!!!! Ours is so tiny we are always bumping into each other.

    It looks so good - you really should be a designer!