Monday, April 08, 2013

Entry and Living Room(s)

We moved back in 5 weeks ago(!), and I've been very busy getting the house back in order, arranged, and decorated.  So, that's my excuse for no posts for such a long time (the OCD in me said to wait until things were very close to how I wanted them).

I thought I'd start with a post on the front entry and living room.  If you remember, we decided to no longer use the dining room as such, so we removed the half walls, columns and bulkhead between the living and dining rooms, and turned it into a lounge area.  So I had my work cut out to make it work as two distinct sitting areas in one large, long room without any structural separation.

One of the first things you notice when you enter the house is the new fiddle leaf fig tree.  I was really surprised we found one this large so easily and in the perfect shape, too, for the space.  I had tried tables there as well as chairs, but each item always seemed lost or out of place.  I felt we needed something very tall, but narrow, to fill such a large void and I think this is finally it.
The stairs have completely changed as we removed the runner, refinished the treads, and installed a new iron banister.

The foyer as it leads into the kitchen, and a peek into the remodeled powder room (will do a separate post on that soon).

Entry vignette.

 A major change was removing the single, solid front door (which was surrounded by side lights and a transom) with a new double door.  This had been on my wish list for a long while, and the additional light we receive is wonderful.  
There was a major disagreement between me and, well, everyone, on whether the door should be stained a more natural brown/wood tone or stained in an ebony to look as if it is painted black.  I wanted the ebony, and I'm so happy I got my way because I love it.  (And I should note that Paul has been a gem in letting me get my way!)

 To the right of the front door and the stairs is the living room.  The large, blank wall over the sofa will remain as such until we can find the perfect, large piece of art... we are on the hunt.  
The rug and lighting fixture are new and work perfectly in the space.  Paul found the lighting fixtures while in San Francisco.

 The bar area of the living room.

Looking into what was formerly the dining room, we now have two distinct sitting spaces and I'm very very happy with how it turned out.  The shelving unit to the right provides a nice, subtle separation between the two spaces while keeping an open flow; and, the two rugs and the lighting fixtures provide continuity between the two spaces.  The rugs are of a completely different pattern but the colors in each rug are very complementary.

 The former dining room.  Now a great 'lounge' area.  The red chairs were previously the chairs used around the dining table so they've been very versatile for us.  Their size works really well and we were able to use four around the cocktail table.  

 A good view of the rug in this space.  Such primary colors, and so different from our usual taste, but the rugs are so incredible they work wonderfully with the rest of the decor.  

I plan to post more spaces very soon, and hopefully along with some other postings, so check back every few days or so.  


  1. WOW!!!!! This looks fabulous!!! Totally looks like it was professionally done! You are an AWESOME decorator Jeff! And I love the stained double door! So very nice!

    I think I went overboard with the exclamation points but I hope you get my point...I LOVE IT!!!!

  2. Everything looks so incredible! What gorgeous rooms. Love the rugs and the room arrangement in former dining room and front sitting room. The entry way looks so different than before. Really love the doors and all the light flowing in! Great decorating!!! Debbie

  3. Thank you!! (exclamation point :)
    A fun way to spend my temporary retirement days - no stress!